This is a Voice, by Jeremy Fisher & Gillyanne Kayes, is a practical toolkit of step-by-step vocal exercises to help speakers and singers of all abilities transform the quality of their voice.
Book design and illustrations were done by myself, with managing, concept and collage design by Marianne Dear. This 192 page art-science-anatomical-instructional book was a huge undertaking for me, but also a massive learning experience. Yes, a tiny group of people can produce a top level piece. From the textured paper to the vivid spot color print, it is a joy to hold in your hands.
The book is published by Wellcome Collection to accompany their major exhibit of the same name. Buy the book here. Learn about the exhibit here. Project appears on Behance. There was also a series of how-to videos of the exercises produced by filmmaker Chris Chapman which incorporated graphics and illustrations from the book. You can see them all here.

















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