Hip Hop Lives: Free Mixtape

This mix began as a playlist of tracks that I was listening to on my headphones while dancing in the street. Training outside is a unique experience, because it is real life. People come up to you. Sometimes it is great. Sometimes it is dangerous. Sometimes the police hassle you. This environment affects my mood and that affects what I want to listen to. Over time, the playlist became more and more what I would call stripped down hip hop, or the original format, and it it is all I need to find my swagger and flow on the concrete. When I get down now, I am basically trying to tell stories and flow off of the beats in the same way that emcees verse, and that is all due to the kind of music I am listening to. Eventually, the playlist felt more like a mixtape to me, with each track feeding off of the previous, so I took the next step by obsessively cooking it all down into one single 40-minute track, adding edits, samples and more. It consists mostly of hip hop production from my favourite triad of J Dilla, Pete Rock and Madlib, and I now love practicing to this and listen to it over and over. Thanks to Clayton the Chemist for the Downroc Ego Trip Intro and Sébastien Buret for the cover photo. You can get it at the below link, and feel free to share.


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