Museum Exhibition Identities

I have been lucky enough to join two brilliant teams, V&A South Kensington and Wellcome Collection, as an ongoing freelance designer. Together, we have re-developed branding, created exhibition and event identities, unleashed marketing campaigns and artworked exhibition graphics. As a child, museums were my favourite places to be, and I was privileged enough to be taken to them often. To be a part of promoting and maintaining these inspirational and magical spaces as an adult has been a gift.

MILK: An inked exhibition identity: ‘Milk’ explores our relationship with milk and its place in politics, society and culture. It considers how milk has come to be seen as so central to perceptions of nutrition and “good health” in the UK. The choices we make about milk are personal. But it is also a highly politicised liquid that has been used to exert power as well as provide care.
OSPAAAL Solidarity and Design: A screen printed exhibition identity: Client: V&A Museum | Donata Miller (curator + project lead) with Corinna Gardner, Evonne Mackenzie, Johanna Agerman Ross | Exhibition 3D Design: Steve McCloy + Bongani Muchemwa | Graphic Design: Bret Syfert | Lighting: DHA Designs | Fabrication: Jon Lloyd | Graphics Printing: Dot Studio | Poster Reproduction: Complete | Hanging: V&A Technical Services | Architectural sketches: Steve McCloy | Photography: Victoria & Albert Museum, London / Peter Kelleher
Miracles & Charms: A metal casted exhibition identity: Miracles & Charms, Wellcome Collection's autumn exhibition programme, explores the extraordinary in the everyday with two shows: 'Infinitas Gracias: Mexican miracle paintings', the first major display of Mexican votive paintings outside Mexico and 'Charmed life: The solace of objects', an exhibition of unseen London amulets from Henry Wellcome's collection, curated by the artist Felicity Powell. Drawing lines between faith, mortality and healing, Miracles & Charms offers a poignant insight into the tribulations of daily life and human responses to chance and suffering.
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