Ready To Rock: Visual Mixtape Experience

Ready To Rock: Visual Mixtape

Art, story and mixtape by Bret Downroc Syfert. Original music produced by Aidan Leacy. All tags by Bom 5. RTR logo by Serval.

01:04 - Midnight Movers - Lost For Words
02:00 - Bob James - Take Me To The Mardi Gras
02:10 - Aidan Leacy - Ready To Rock
02:32 - Dexter Wansel - Theme From The Planets
03:46 - MAZE - We Are One
04:34 - L. T. D. - Love To The World
05:23 - Brand Nubian - Shining Star
06:06 - Dexter Wansel - Rings Of Saturn
06:26 - Fatnice - Freedom Rings (Chorus Version)
09:05 - Herbie Hancock - Chameleon
11:13 - David Matthews - Main Theme From Star Wars
12:02 - Magnum - Squivatch
12:45 - Marcus Belgrave - Space Oddysey
13:00 - J. O. B. Orchestra - Open The Doors Of Your Heart
13:36 - Michał Urbaniak - A Day In The Park
13:57 - Aidan Leacy - Interlude 1 & 2
14:50 - Julian Priester Pepo Mtoto - Love, Love
15:26 - Mandrill - Wind On Horseback
17:05 - Aidan Leacy - Interlude 3
17:30 - Crown Heights Affair - Dancin'
18:33 - Dexter Wansel - Latin Love
19:21 - Aidan Leacy - Interlude 4
19:34 - Earth, Wind & Fire - Brazilian Rhyme
20:20 - Earth, Wind & Fire - In The Stone
20:40 - Earth, Wind & Fire - Power
20:46 - Emmanuel Riggins - Emmanuel's Mood
21:05 - Alero Jazz Band - On A Theme Of Cole Porter
21:22 - Aidan Leacy - Floor Phantom
21:59 - Que Rock - RTR
23:22 - Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars
28:51 - Floor Phantom - Percussion
28:58 - Tribe - Vibes From The Tribe
29:30 - Santana - Aspirations
31:03 - Ahmad Jamal - Death & Resurrection
32:38 - John Coltrane - Acknowledgement

I began this project in 2013 as a series of printed comic books created by me, each with a pressed 7-inch record produced by Aidan Leacy (links below to stream or download). Along with artists Fatnice and Que Rock, we put out a total of three issues/records over the years that followed. This web page is an evolution of that original concept with new art and new music. It is also an attempt to blend that music more closely with the visuals. The two live here as one and are free for you to enjoy and share. Fans of the series will be familiar with its main characters the Breyks, giraffe-like humanoids in the distant future who recreate hip hop culture after digging up the records of ancient man.

This project is named after Ready to Rock, an original Bronx bboy crew which has now grown into an international family of dope individuals who carry and pass the torch of the original hip hop spirit from which the crew was born. The art and music of the project is an expression of that spirit. Since I made this art, there have been new members added to the crew, so apologies to those in the family whose names are not included in Bom’s tags. The Infamous Zebra Mob is an original New Jersey bboy crew, and they show up in the art because they had a huge impact on me in the early 2000s. Special thanks to Blaak Tha 9th Man for playing Midnight Movers, Unltd. one night for me and Zeen as well as sliding me a copy of the Crown Heights Affair vinyl featured in this mix. Art, story and mixtape by Bret Syfert. Original music produced by Aidan Leacy and all other music credited by timestamp above. All tags by Bom 5. RTR logo by Serval. Painted 7-inch record adaptor and Max The Rappin’ Robot character by Eric Orr. The character Phantom is inspired by Floor Phantom. All rights reserved. Peace. – Bret Downroc Syfert

Download Mix

Ready To Rock 7-inch Record: Issue 01

"Ready To Rock" Aidan Leacy

Download RTR 01: Side A

"The Breyks" Aidan Leacy

Download RTR 01: Side B

Ready To Rock 7-inch Record: Issue 02

"In The Stone" Fatnice (Prod. Aidan Leacy)

Download RTR 02: Side A

"RTR" Que Rock (Prod. Aidan Leacy)

Download RTR 02: Side B

Ready To Rock 7-inch Record: Issue 03

"Freedom Rings" Fatnice (Prod. Aidan Leacy)

Download RTR 03: Side A

"Floor Phantom" Aidan Leacy

Download RTR 03: Side B

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